Whether you’re shopping for a complete beginner just learning how to play pool or an advanced player with years of experience, I’m sure you’ll find something they will be very happy with on this curated list of gift ideas for pool players.

Shopping for anybody with a particular interest can be tough especially when you don’t share that interest yourself. Luckily, there are some great and unique gifts out there for pool players that are almost certain to be winners, no matter who you’re buying for.

In this list of gift ideas for pool players, I’m going to share my personally recommended products so you can find the ideal present for your loved ones on your gift list this year.

Over the years I have bought a lot of pool equipment and all the products on this list I personally own or have tested and recommend.

Some are splurges that will be used for years to come, like the Aramith Tournament Pro-Cup Ball Set, while most others are affordable essentials like the 144 cubes of Master Billiard Chalk for $35 that will last a lifetime!

Whether you’re looking for a Christmas gift, a Birthday present, or a Father’s Day gift, I hope this list will give you some inspiration and I guarantee you’ll find something any pool player will love.

Let’s dive right in.

Billiard Accessories

Because of their size and cost, billiard accessories like tip tools and gloves make great stocking stuffers.

Last 4 Ever Tip Tool

My favorite tip tool and something that’s always in my bag. The last 4 ever tip tool is a great tool for quickly reshaping your cue tip before playing a game and it really does last forever.

Last 4 Ever Tip Tool

Cuetec Bowtie Tip Tool

My 2nd favorite tip tool, as well as shaping and scuffing the Cuetec Bowtie also has the tip aerator tool. By gently piercing the cue tip with small pinholes, you can help an old tip hold more chalk.

Kamui Magnetic Chalk Holder

Very handy to have when you have expensive chalk and don’t want to lose it. The magnet is very strong so there is no chance of the chalk falling off.

Kamui Magnetic Chalk Holder

Q-Claw Cue Rest

I never thought I needed a cue rest until the day when a friend accidentally kicked over my cue and broke my $300 shaft. I went and bought one of these the very next day.

The Q-Claw comes in a few different sizes but the 2 or 3 cue holder should be big enough for most players.

The textured rubber base stops it from slipping and it’s heavy enough to stay in place.

It wont stop the cue from falling but as long as you put it in a corner or away from where people will be walking it will keep your cues safe.

Q-Claw Cue Rest

Kamui Quickdry Billiard Glove

A must have if you live in a hot and humid area.

As I use an open bridge I don’t use a glove much except when I’m playing somewhere hot and without air-con. When your hand sweats it can cause chafing and stops the cue from gliding smoothly through your fingers. That’s why I always keep this glove in my bag just in case.

Kamui Quickdry Billiard Glove

Billiard Chalk

When it comes to gift ideas for pool players, chalk is probably the first idea that comes to most people’s minds.

If you’re looking for quantity, your best bet is to go with Master chalk. They have been the most popular chalk in pool for over 75 years, it’s cheap, good quality, and used by pool players of all abilities including many professionals.

If on the other hand, you’re looking for something a little bit more special, you should go with the Taom PYRO, or Russian Magic Chalk.

In my opinion, these are the 2 best chalks you can buy at the moment.

The benefit of Taom PYRO chalk is it doesn’t stick to the cue ball as much as others, reducing the chance of kicks and with Russian Magic Chalk, the biggest benefit is you don’t have to chalk between every shot. Chalking your cue just once can last an entire game.

As for which color, this depends on the color of the pool table cloth they play on.

The color of the chalk has no effect on play but will get into the fibers of the tables cloth, which is why you want it to be a similar color.

If you’re not sure which color to buy, my advice would be to go with either blue or green as most tables in bars and pool halls use a blue or green cloth.

Master Billiard Chalk (144 Cubes)

 144 Cubes of Master Billiard Chalk

Taom PYRO Chalk (1 Piece)

Taom PYRO Chalk

Russian Magic Chalk (2 Cubes)

Russian Magic Chalk

Predator Chalk (5 Pieces)

Predator Chalk

Kamui Roku Chalk (1 Piece)

Kamui Roku Chalk

Billiard Clothing

Apart from the cheesy shirts you see on sites like Amazon and Redbubble there really isn’t much choice when it comes to clothing for pool players.

Below are 2 clothing brands that I think most pool players would be happy to receive.

Hustlin USA Billiard Clothing

Hustlin USA Billiard Clothing

Predator Pool Clothing

Predator Pool Clothing

Pool Cue Cases

Pool cues can cost a lot of money and protecting them is very important. Not only from dings and scratches but also from warping.

If your looking to buy a cue case I would suggest choosing a hard case over a soft case.

Soft cases are fine if you’re just looking to transport a cue from A to B but don’t offer as much protection as a hard case will.

Whilst none of these cue cases are cheap, they are all very good quality and I have personally used and can recommend all of them.

Predator Urbain Cue Case

The Predator Urbain is what I use at the moment and it is a good quality bag. It has a modern look and features a large side pocket that can store a lot of extra gear. It’s a 2 x 4 hard case which means it can hold 2 butts and 4 shafts.

Predator Urbain Cue Case

McDermott Hard / Soft Hybrid Cue Case

The McDermott Hybrid Case is another one of my favorites and is well made. The black vinyl used gives it a very nice look and feel. Once again it has a lot of extra storage space and can comfortably hold 2 cues. It has a hard shell section that can hold 1 cue and a removable soft sleeve that holds 1 butt and 2 shafts.

McDermott Hard / Soft Hybrid Cue Case

JB Ultimate Rugged Cue Case

When it comes to cue protection no cue case is regarded higher in the pool community than the JB Rugged case. They are very durable and have an UltraPad interior that adds a lot of extra protection for pool cues.

JB Ultimate Rugged Cue Case

Billiard Books

Playing Off the Rail: A Pool Hustler’s Journey

Playing Off the Rail Book

The Hustler

The Hustler Book

Instructional & Practice Gifts

A great gift idea if you’re looking for a pool player who plays competitively or just wants to improve their game.

These resources will have anyone playing better pool in no time.

P.K.F Ebook by Zero X Billiards

The Eight Ball Bible

The Eight Ball Bible Book

The 99 Critical Shots in Pool

The 99 Critical Shots in Pool Book

Play Your Best Pool

Play Your Best Pool Book

Play Your Best Eight Ball

Play Your Best Eight Ball Book

Play Your Best 9 & 10 Ball

Play Your Best 9 & 10 Ball Book

Gifts for Pool Table Owners

Aramith Tournament Pro-Cup Ball Set

Expensive but worth every penny. Aramith balls are the best billiard balls you can buy. The phenolic resin used on this ball set makes the balls much more durable, increasing the lifespan and also minimizing burn spots on the cloth as well.

This set also comes with a bottle of Aramith billiard ball cleaner, a microfiber towel, and a training cue ball.

Aramith Tournament Pro-Cup Ball Set

Aramith Power Ball Cleaning Machine

Another tool you don’t realize you need until you buy a pool table. If used regularly, the table cloth and balls need to be cleaned at least once per week. This handy cleaning machine saves a lot of time and hand ache.

There are bigger machines that can clean multiple balls at a time, like this one, however, these can cost over $600.

Aramith Power Ball Cleaning Machine

Pool Cue Rack

Handy for any homes pool or games room.

Leaving cues resting on a wall not only leaves chalk marks on the walls but can also cause the cue to warp. A floor cue rack solves these issues and doesn’t need to be screwed into a wall as a wall-mounted cue rack does.

A cheaper option would be the Q-Claw cue rest above.

Pool Cue Rack

Kamui VUE Clear Bridge Head

A very valuable piece of equipment especially when playing on larger 9 ft pool tables.

The Kamui vue bridge head can be placed on the end of an old cue, provides 7 different levels of bridge function and the ability to see through the bridge head does help when you need to see the cue ball.

Kamui VUE Clear Bridge Head

Magic Rack

One of the keys to breaking well is a tight rack. Meaning all of the balls should be touching. With a magic rack, this is guaranteed.

A very inexpensive gift but one that would be very appreciated by any pool player.

Magic Rack

Simonis X-1

The Simonis X-1 is a great table cleaning tool that I have been using for a few years. It’s a huge time saver as it replaces the brush and hoover when cleaning your pool table cloth.

Simonis X-1 Pool Table Cloth Cleaner

I really hope you enjoyed my list of gift ideas for pool players.

Hopefully you found something you like or atleast some inspiration.

If you did, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.


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