What is a Golden Break?

A golden break in pool occurs when the 9-ball (in 9-ball) or the 10-ball (in 10-ball) is pocketed on the break shot, instantly winning the game. This rare and exciting event is the ultimate shot in these games.

Conditions for a Golden Break

For a golden break to be valid, the break must be legal, meaning that the cue ball must hit the rack and at least four balls must hit the rails. The 9-ball or 10-ball must be pocketed without any fouls occurring.

Strategy for Achieving a Golden Break

While achieving a golden break requires some luck, players can increase their chances by mastering their break shot technique, focusing on the power and accuracy needed to spread the balls effectively.


The golden break is a thrilling moment in pool, instantly winning the game and showcasing a player’s break shot skill. It adds an exciting element to 9-ball and 10-ball games.