What is a Re-Spot in Pool?

A re-spot in pool refers to the act of placing a ball back on the table at a designated spot after it has been pocketed under specific circumstances. This rule is commonly applied in games like snooker, 8-ball, 9-ball, and blackball, ensuring the continuation of fair and strategic gameplay.

When is a Re-Spot Used?


In 8-ball, the 8-ball itself may be re-spotted under certain rules if it is pocketed prematurely or illegally during the break. This prevents a player from losing the game on an illegal or unintentional break shot.

9-Ball and 10-Ball

In 9-ball and 10-ball, if the game-winning ball (9 or 10) is pocketed on an illegal shot or the break, it is re-spotted at the foot spot to ensure the game continues fairly.


In blackball, the black ball (8-ball) is re-spotted if it is pocketed on the break or in a foul situation, ensuring the integrity of the game’s progression.

Maintaining Fair Play

Re-spotting ensures that games do not end prematurely or unfairly due to accidental or illegal pocketing of critical balls.