How to Play Scotch Doubles?

Scotch Doubles refers to a format of doubles pool where two players team up to compete against another pair. The key characteristic of Scotch Doubles is that team members alternate shots, regardless of whether a ball is pocketed on the shot. This format requires excellent teamwork and strategy, making it popular in both casual and competitive settings.

Rules and Gameplay

In Scotch Doubles, after one player breaks, the players alternate turns at the table. If a player fails to make a legal shot, the turn passes to the opposing team. Communication between teammates is crucial but typically must be non-verbal once a match has commenced, as per most official rules.

Strategy for Scotch Doubles

Effective Scotch Doubles teams often plan their games meticulously. Knowing your partner’s strengths and planning shots that set them up for success are crucial components of winning strategies.


Scotch Doubles is a fun and engaging way to enjoy pool in a team format. It promotes not only skill and precision but also strategic planning and teamwork.